The Show

Last week I went to the show. When I first went in, it was hard to park because there were a lot of cars. We looked at the animals. They were soooo cute.  The animals I liked was those big dogs. I loved the rides they were sooo cool. Then I went to get our show bags.  It was soooo hot on that day. But we went back to the car then we went home. It was the best time i ever had.

I had a good 4 day holiday.


Original image: ‘ready steady go
ready steady go
by: Sarah Macmillan
Released under an Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License 

Willbar, Luckey, Bubbles

Hi today I am going to tell you about my cat Willbar, Luckey, Bubbles.

Willbar is 2 years old, he is white and black and very naughty.

Luckey is 1 year old, she has brown stripes and blond fur and she is always wanting food.

Bubbles is a little kitten, Luckey is her mum, she has brown stripes and blond fur like her mum and very playful.

Bubbles likes to chase Willbar a lot, she likes to jump a lot too. Luckey likes to chase rubber balls. Luckey has had four kittens, we gave away three of them but we kept Bubbles. Wilbar likes to sleep a lot he is very cute and very fluffy.